About Us

People That Make A Difference


At Conquerors For Christ we believe the church is the hope of the world and embody that belief through our passion for people in our local area and abroad. 


We worship God and honor Him, by serving people at their place of need. This best characterizes the culture at Conquerors For Christ Church.


A deeper more profound relationship with Jesus Christ, together with the spiritual and relational health of families, marriages, and individuals, is at the heart of our core values and principles.


We are a local multi-cultural church that worships together at weekend services, learns the truth of God’s word at mid-week Bible studies, and comes together for various home-group meetings and events that bring people together to enrich one another’s lives through fellowship.


Conquerors For Christ also cares for people globally by planting, partnering with, and supporting a number of different missionaries and mission projects in some of the most destitute places on earth.


It is our desire at Conquerors for Christ Church that you experience the love of God, the love of His people, and know the joy and power of serving Him.