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Our Vision

To see every life transformed by connecting people to Jesus and each other through relationships.

About Us

At Conquerors For Christ we believe the church is not a building, but a people. The church is the hope of the world and we embody that belief through our passion for people in our local area and abroad. We worship God and honor Him by serving people. At the heart of our core values is a deeper, more profound relationship with Jesus Christ, together with the spiritual and relational health of families, marriages, and individuals. It is our desire at CFC that you experience the love of God, the love of His people, and know the joy and power of serving Him.


Our Story

Our story has many chapters spanning over four decades. For Conquerors for Christ Church, it all started in July 1978 when Jose Gabriel Cabral encountered the lifesaving power of Jesus Christ at a local church in Fall River, Massachusetts. His passion for music, combined with his new passion for God led him to form the first Portuguese Christian Band in the area called, Conquistadores Para Cristo or Conquerors for Christ.


In 1992, there was a change in ministry focus for CFC as then, Evangelist Jose started ministering to a small group of people in a storefront in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The dedication to this group, along with that of his family led to what is known today as Conquerors for Christ Ministry.


The church continually grew, quickly necessitating adequate space that could house the thriving group of faithful congregants. They were able to secure funding for five acres of land and a new church building in the region of Dartmouth, Massachusetts known as Hixville. On May 3, 1994, Pastor Jose Gabriel Cabral inaugurated Conquerors for Christ Church at its current location.


This exciting story is still being written, come be a part of it!

Meet The Leaders

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